President's Message

President's Message


Athletics has been a significant part of the Daytona State College educational scene for decades. Falcon sports are structured around the core mission of the college and emphasize the values we work to instill in all our students.

The main goal of Daytona State’s athletics program is to provide our student-athletes with the skills, knowledge and drive to succeed in their sports, in the classroom and, ultimately, in the workplace and in life. Indeed, what happens on the playing field, in the gymnasium and in preparation for a competitive season is a microcosm of life.

There is much to learn about oneself and how to work and coexist with others in a team environment. At Daytona State, we believe that involvement in athletics can contribute as much toward our student-athletes’ physical, mental and personal growth as any other experience they may have during their college years.

Our athletes are students first and athletes second. The coaching staff works collaboratively with faculty to ensure that our student-athletes stay focused on seeking an academic degree and successfully complete their programs of study. As a result, Falcon athletes consistently shine among their peers in Florida and in the nation as top academic performers.

Whether through team or individual sports, our athletic programs offer unique opportunities for students to develop their character, integrity and sense of community. Their commitment, dedication and success are a Daytona State College athletics-program tradition and a great source of pride for the institution.

I wish all the best to this year’s Falcon athletes as they soar and carry on that tradition.

Dr. Thomas LoBasso, President
Daytona State College