Falcons In Action

The success of our community depends on the academic and social education that young people receive today. With this in mind, the Falcons in Action, a mentoring program, was created using volunteers to provide additional support for Daytona State College student-athletes. The program helps ensure that students receive the assistance and guidance necessary to succeed in college and in life. Over the past twelve years the Falcons in Action mentors have played a vital role in increasing student achievement and self-esteem. The benefits are immense and the lessons they learn from their mentors often motivate them to be more productive students and citizens now and in the future. Volunteers have the opportunity to truly make a difference in a student’s life by providing one-on-one attention and developing enduring relationships.

Additionally, mentors meet highly skilled athletes and get to know the personal side of the students. Many mentors attend the student’s games and lend support to their efforts. Through their participation in this program, the mentors are able to join in the student’s accomplishments on the playing court, field or course. The Falcons in Action mentors come from all walks of life but share the common goal of wanting to help students achieve success in college. Mentors are individuals such as retirees, college employees, recent college graduates and others who are able to give the gift of time. Businesses and organizations are also participating in the program. All volunteers attend an orientation session to provide them with the information and training that will guide them in their role. Most mentors spend one hour per week with the students; however, schedules are arranged to accommodate volunteers and to promote continuing relationships between the mentors and students. 

For additional information about this program or to find out how you can begin making a difference as a mentor, contact Alison Mohr at (386) 506-3400 or Alison.Mohr@DaytonaState.edu